Optimization Starts With Outcomes

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Outcomes – it’s what we all want and the reason for why we do anything. More freedom, personal fulfillment, and money – everything you do in business and in life is to get more of these three things.

I’ve taken 20+ years of helping businesses make more and spend less and have built resources for you to learn systems thinking and apply tools and mental models to help you make your business more effective, efficient, and productive. Learn more about how I’ve helped other businesses just like yours.

Book Cover with 4.9 StarsGet my book FREE with Kindle Unlimited and learn the mental models and techniques I’ve developed over the last 20 years helping companies make and save millions!

Here are a few highlights from Amazon reviews.

“For the price of this book you would be crazy not to buy it, as you will be revisiting the activities throughout your whole career.” – Elizabeth

“This book is an absolute gold mine of real, actionable advice given by someone who really is at the top of his game.” – Mr. P

“An extremely useful and well-written book with practical steps to apply to your business.” – Laura V

Optimize For Outcomes - The Course

Over three hours of content where I teach you how to think about your business in systems and use systems thinking tools and mental models to make improvements.

How I Help


Whether it's a 15 minute Speedy Systems Sync or you need help over several weeks to get things on track, there are a variety of options for you to book time directly with me.


Increase your knowledge, awareness, and ability to apply systems thinking to your business. This will help you and your business make more while doing less.


Get my book FREE with Kindle Unlimited and learn the mental models and techniques I’ve developed over the last 20 years helping companies make and save millions!


Many of these tools are things I've created for Clients that are now available as part of my tools library. Guided help for improving different areas of your business.

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System Alignment in Your Business

One of the biggest sources of waste in a business is the misalignment of process steps, system outcomes, and desired outcomes. When things are misaligned, everything takes longer than it should. This costs you more money to get things done, makes things slower, and reduces the ability to scale your business. Alignment of process steps

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Use Efficiency to Increase the Profits of Your Business
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How Can a Business Make More Profit?

I talked earlier in the week about when to use systems thinking in business. One of the outcomes you can achieve by paying systems thinking is to increase profits. I want to dive deeper into that today. Profits is a word that is used in different ways, so let’s start by defining profit. Profit is

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General Framework

When to Use Systems Thinking in Business

After folks start to learn the ins and outs of systems thinking, one of the next questions asked is “When can I use systems thinking in my business?” Before I get into the answer, let’s do a quick recap of what systems thinking is and what a system is. Systems Thinking is using a “systems”

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