Optimization Starts With Outcomes

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Outcomes – it’s what we all want and the reason for why we do anything. More freedom, personal fulfillment, and money – everything you do in business and in life is to get more of these three things.

I’ve taken 20+ years of helping businesses make more and spend less and have built resources for you to learn systems thinking and apply tools and mental models to help you make your business more effective, efficient, and productive. Learn more about how I’ve helped other businesses just like yours.

Book Cover with 4.9 StarsGet my book FREE with Kindle Unlimited and learn the mental models and techniques I’ve developed over the last 20 years helping companies make and save millions!

Here are a few highlights from Amazon reviews.

“For the price of this book you would be crazy not to buy it, as you will be revisiting the activities throughout your whole career.” – Elizabeth

“This book is an absolute gold mine of real, actionable advice given by someone who really is at the top of his game.” – Mr. P

“An extremely useful and well-written book with practical steps to apply to your business.” – Laura V

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Optimize For Outcomes - The Course

Over three hours of content where I teach you how to think about your business in systems and use systems thinking tools and mental models to make improvements.

How I Help Your Business

Scale Your Business

If you're thinking about or trying to grow your business, I can help make sure you do it effectively and efficiently.

Implement Technology

If you're trying to implement technology in your business, I can help you save time and money by doing it the right way.

Manage People

If you're trying to hire or manage people, I can help you ensure you're hiring the right people at the right time.

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Hey folks! It’s another week and another topic related to systems thinking. This week we are going to talk about how to automate a business process. I’m going to give you a framework you can use so that you can look at what you’re doing and identify where and how you want to automate processes.

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How to Improve Business Processes – a Mental Model

Hey folks! Today I want to talk some about how to improve business processes. I’ll cover the mental model that I use any time I’m trying to improve a process. Improving business processes and systems is how you get more efficient, and that efficiency is going to help you save time, save money, get more

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Using a SIPOC to Improve Your Business

Today I am covering another systems thinking tool called the SIPOC. This is a tool that I was introduced to during my Six Sigma days when I went through the process of getting Six Sigma certified. It’s one of the main tools that’s used in the world of Six Sigma. It’s used as a process

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