Optimize for Outcomes

Helping Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses achieve the outcomes needed for long term success

Consulting Calls

This is your opportunity to have me dive into your business personally and use my 20+ years of experience in optimizing for outcomes work directly for you!

I will dive with you into your business and provide customized recommendations and support to help you better understand your business and systems. You’ll leave with a clear understanding of how to take your business to better outcomes with the information and tools to get you there.

1 on 1 Consultation – $495 USD


Schedule a call with me and we’ll dive headfirst into your business. If this is our first call together, we’ll go through a little bit of background on your business, we’ll talk about your desired outcomes, critical systems, and where you feel your biggest problems lie. That will quickly turn into suggestions on how to improve your business and an action plan that will get you optimizing your business for better outcomes!

If we have talked before, we’ll pick up where we left off, review previous plans, discuss what’s changed, and where to go next!

You’ll leave this call with-

  • Clearly defined outcomes for your business
  • A clear understanding of where your biggest challenge is
  • Defined outcomes for the first system you want to be improved
  • A focused optimization plan that will give you direct actions to take to see results in days, not months
  • An understanding of any of the templates that are part of your improvement plan
  • A recording of the call
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Pack of 8 Calls – $2995 USD


While all of our Clients get tons of value out of a single call, we find that most Clients start to see epic value and improvements in their business with 8-10 calls.

Buy a block of 8 calls and save almost 25%!

Each of the calls will be catered towards your business and needs. I’ll work with you to apply our business modeling framework to your business to help you identify the major systems in your business and the desired outcomes of each. We’ll put together an optimization plan that is tailored to your unique needs and review it on each call. I’ll also share with you tips, tricks, and tools that will help you along the way.

Because your business is unique, I can’t say for certain what order we will cover topics on our calls, but I can tell you we will cover things like –

  • Effectiveness, Productivity, and Efficiency and how they relate to each other and your business
  • Tools such as 5 Whys, SIPOC, TIMWOODS, and 5S to name a few
  • How to effectively manage change in your business
  • Best practices for brining on new staff including FTEs, Contractors/Freelancers, and VAs
  • How to apply systems thinking to everything you are doing
  • Much, much more!
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Have you ever worked with “x” type of business?

Through 20+ years in Corporate America, I worked several years as a consultant, visiting 100s of companies of all shapes and sizes in all types of industries.  Since I started helping entrepreneurs in 2018, I’ve worked with dozens of companies from 1-10 employees in different industries such as digital marketing, fitness, mindset coaching, retail, and graphic design to name a few.


I don’t have any systems. How do you help with that?

If you are running a business today, you have systems even though you might not think they are systems today.  A system is nothing more than a way you get something done. Systems can be 100% manual, messy, slow, inefficient, or any other bad adjective you can think of.  I’ll help you understand the systems you do have today, see the gaps or problems, and come up with a plan on how to move forward.


Do I need systems and processes even though I’m a solopreneur?

Anyone can benefit with thinking about what they do as systems, including solopreneurs.  Even as a solopreneur, systems thinking will help you do more with less. That means you’ll be able to increase your revenue and scale all while reducing your bottom line.


I am just getting started on my business. Can you still help someone like me?

I’ve worked with a number of entrepreneurs that have little more than an idea.  No paying customers, no actual product even! By working with me, I will help you identify the key systems you need to get your business up and running while aligning to your ultimate desired outcomes in an efficient and effective manner.


Do you fix every system in my business that has problems?

I will not try and fix something that I am not an expert in, but I have a secondary network of expert partners to fix just about any problem you might have.  I will help you understand where you have problems and the kind of expert that can help you, and will probably have a recommendation if you need one. For example, if your system for generating traffic to your business isn’t performing well, I’m not going to build Facebook ads for you, but refer you to one of my partners that specializes in Facebook ads if that’s what we decide is the right path for you.


Will you help me with my technology?

One of the last steps in optimizing for outcomes is the automation of repetitive tasks through software.  I am well versed in many different software applications and will provide you customized support for software implementation and configuration, assuming I have the right software for what you need.