Scaling or Growing Your Business

Are you getting ready to start scaling your business?

Maybe you’ve been trying and it hasn’t gone well so far.

Let me help you understand the secret that most business owners miss when trying to scale and grow their businesses.

When businesses start out, most are inefficient and lack structure. On a small scale, you can spend extra hours compensating for inefficiencies and infrastructure gaps.

In these early stages, you really shouldn’t be focusing on making your business more efficient anyway. You need to prioritize learning what your Customers want and make sure the products you’re selling are effective.

When it comes time to scale, of course you’re only thinking about scaling the good. More Customers, more revenue, and more profits!

But what gets overlooked or misunderstood is that you can’t just scale the good things.

When you scale a business, all of the “bad stuff” is going to scale as well. That means your hours wasted due to the inefficiencies in your business are going to scale. The gaps created by missing infrastructure will get bigger. You’ll get more of all of the problems you already have and probably have some new ones show up that weren’t a thing at your smaller size.

Very quickly these problems become overwhelming. Inefficiencies that wasted a couple of hours a week at your smaller size can quickly grow to consume your entire week in waste.

What usually happens is that you’re only able to grow a very small amount before the inefficiencies and gaps in your business consume all available resources, halting growth in its tracks.

To scale your business successfully, you’ve got to do some foundational work to remove waste, inefficiencies, and gaps first. Ensuring your business is effective and efficient first means the problems you’ll have when scaling will not get as big. You won’t overburden your business’s resources with cleaning up problems and they’ll be able to continue focusing on growing the business and dealing with net new problems that arise.

Now that you understand the secret, you’ve got options on how to best proceed. Any of these can be successful depending on your own appetite for learning and doing, but I’m going to lay them all out here instead of trying to put you into some lame funnel and send you a bunch of stupid emails you don’t want over the next few weeks trying to upsell you on things.

First option – you know the secret, now go learn and apply. Resources are plentiful on learning to improve your effectiveness and efficiency. Start with the effectiveness of your business and make sure that’s on point first. Then go to efficiency. Then scale your business by pushing more volume through your business systems.

There’s loads of free information on this site on the blog here.

I have a book, Optimize For Outcomes, that will teach you the same process and mental models I use to improve businesses just like yours.

Second option – I have limited availability to work one on one with you to help you scale your business. If you want to get some perspective on what it’s like to work with me one on one, here’s what Duke had to say about the experience –

You can start working one on one with me by booking an initial 15 minute discussion for only $95. We’ll talk through your goals and how we can work together to achieve those goals. If more than 15 minutes is needed to get through the initial discussions to come up with an approach, those additional calls will be no cost until we get to an agreed upon path forward.

If you have any questions about either of these options, you can message me on your preferred social channel or email me at brian@optimizeforoutcomes.com.