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How to Hire Employees and Others Into Your Business

Hey, everyone. It’s Brian back again. I’m covering people systems today. More specifically, I’m covering the first phase of the people resource lifecycle in your business which is hiring. I’m not just talking about full-time hires to your business. I talked a little bit about this last week. I want to touch on it again

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Automated assembly line

How to Automate Business Processes

Hey folks! It’s another week and another topic related to systems thinking. This week we are going to talk about how to automate a business process. I’m going to give you a framework you can use so that you can look at what you’re doing and identify where and how you want to automate processes.

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Removal of an item
Eliminate Consolidate Automate

How to Improve Business Processes – a Mental Model

Hey folks! Today I want to talk some about how to improve business processes. I’ll cover the mental model that I use any time I’m trying to improve a process. Improving business processes and systems is how you get more efficient, and that efficiency is going to help you save time, save money, get more

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Supplier, Inputs, and Process Steps in Excel

Using a SIPOC to Improve Your Business

Today I am covering another systems thinking tool called the SIPOC. This is a tool that I was introduced to during my Six Sigma days when I went through the process of getting Six Sigma certified. It’s one of the main tools that’s used in the world of Six Sigma. It’s used as a process

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Using a Swimlane Diagram to Improve Your Business

Hey folks, it’s Brian back again with more tools, tips, and information on how you can Optimize for Outcomes in your business. This week we’re going to talk about another tool. The tool this week is the swimlane diagram. This is a tool I used a lot in my corporate career and have used it

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You'll get better solutions by doing a root cause analysis with the five whys
Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis and the Five Whys

It’s a new week and a new topic. This week we’re going to talk about root cause analysis. At its highest level, root cause analysis is about digging down into a problem or an issue that you’re having to understand what really is causing that issue. It’s understanding the cause versus understanding the symptoms. Anytime

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Efffectiveness vs Efficiency - these are two different things

Effectiveness vs Efficiency – Know the Difference

Today we’re going to talk about effectiveness versus efficiency. This is something that I often have to educate my customers on and a lot of people have either misunderstanding or they use these words interchangeably. They really are two different things so I want to help you understand why they’re different and why that matters

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Stairs in a continuous circle of improvement (raising to the next level)
Continuous Improvement

What is Continuous Improvement?

More than anything, continuous improvement is a mindset. It’s a way of thinking that means accepting that you can always get better at the things that you’re doing. Once you’ve accepted this first point, the next thing continuous improvement requires is an approach to actually perform continuous improvements on the things you do. This is

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Aligned Cookies

Aligning Key Attributes to System Outcomes

Aligning key system attributes to system outcomes is one of the most important parts of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your business systems. Once you’ve identified the desired ultimate outcomes of your business and have broken your business down into systems, you can start aligning the pieces within a system to the desired outcomes

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Align systems in your business

System Alignment in Your Business

One of the biggest sources of waste in a business is the misalignment of process steps, system outcomes, and desired outcomes. When things are misaligned, everything takes longer than it should. This costs you more money to get things done, makes things slower, and reduces the ability to scale your business. Alignment of process steps

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