Change is the Way to Better Outcomes

I’ve been trying something new out for the last few weeks and so far it’s going really well. It all started when a friend invited me to take part in a challenge she was running in her Facebook group to use dictation for creating large written pieces instead of typing. Changing how we do things

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Balanced Systems Thinking

I want to share how my workout went this morning and how that relates to business. So today, I did my regular work out. I spent about an hour lifting weights and doing cardio and had a really good workout that I put a lot of effort and a lot of energy into it and

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Change Management

Leading Change for Productivity, Efficiency, and Effectiveness

Keeping productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness high requires proactive effort in all three areas.  It also requires constant change as you learn and fine tune your systems.  This change, if not managed through good leadership principles, will not last long term, as people tend to revert to old habits over time.  Eventually, anything you changed will

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Traditional System Optimization & Process Improvement – Slow and Expensive

Do you find yourself needing to optimize your team’s performance but are short on time?  Need results fast and can’t afford to do formal process improvement projects like Six Sigma?  Have you looked into hiring a “professional” consultant help you, but it made your eyes water? Finding the time and money to do formal process

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Systems Thinking and Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Productivity

For many, focusing on effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity isn’t very exciting work.  In fact, a lot of people find it downright boring.  It’s not flashy, doesn’t excite many people, and the benefits aren’t always immediately identifiable. While this is true for most people, setting up efficient structure and systems are critical to the long-term health

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