Wonder what it’s like working with Brian? Here’s what some Clients have to say!

Duke worked with Brian over a six-month period to transform his business.

Duke Sayer

Here’s Meredith from Social SOS sharing her experience of working with Brian.

Meredith Hicks
Social SOS

Matt from Clarity Walk talks about his time working with Brian.

Matt Wallace
Clarity Walk

Read what Vicki has to say after one call with Brian.

I found working with Brian really beneficial. He took the time to listen to ‘my’ business, reinforcing good business principles whilst being able to give specific examples of what to work on first. But most I would have to recommend his style.

He’s relaxed, calm and knowledgeable. Not easily phased (I was late AND had a crying baby on the call). But his ability to ask tough questions in a way that made me feel supported is really unique.

It was extremely easy to feel like we were working ‘together’ on this. Which, from experience, is not something commonly found with coaches.

I would highly recommend you have a session with him – he’ll overdeliver and help you truly uplevel your business in a way that’s sustainable for long term growth.
Vicki Marsh
Founder, Massage Therapist Business School

Pete spent time with Brian getting clarity on a number of business challenges.

Brian is a master at his craft. He has an amazing ability at quickly understanding a business, it’s goals and its problems before talking through possible solutions and exploring how to move forward.

He can change the way you see a problem in a single sentence and add some much needed clarity to the often confusing world of running a business.

He has massively helped me and my business and I’ll definitely be using his services in the future.

Pete White
Founder, Paradyme Consulting
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Working one on one with Brian, he brings systems thinking to the world of entrepreneurship like no other, helping you and your business get more effective, efficient, and productive!