Aligned Cookies

Aligning key system attributes to system outcomes is one of the most important parts of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your business systems. Once you’ve identified the desired ultimate outcomes of your business and have broken your business down into systems, you can start aligning the pieces within a system to the desired outcomes … Read more

Align systems in your business

One of the biggest sources of waste in a business is the misalignment of process steps, system outcomes, and desired outcomes. When things are misaligned, everything takes longer than it should. This costs you more money to get things done, makes things slower, and reduces the ability to scale your business. Alignment of process steps … Read more

Not too long ago I started to get back into exercising after a long hiatus. When I initially started out I had the goal in my head to get back to “high school glory”. That meant 210 pounds with a 34-inch waist. I was very focused on this weight and inch goal so much so … Read more