Hiring a new employee with input from a time study

I’ve been talking about time studies this week and want to dive in further on how to use a time study to better manage employees in your business. As a quick recap, a time study is an exercise you do for a week or two where you’re tracking the time you spend on different activities … Read more

Holding up a watch to check the time for a time study

One of the biggest resources used by any business is the hours spent by employees, contractors, and owners on the business. Because of this, it’s also one of the biggest areas with opportunities for reducing costs and making the business more efficient. With all the Clients I work one on one with, about 80% of … Read more

Stairs in a continuous circle of improvement (raising to the next level)

More than anything, continuous improvement is a mindset. It’s a way of thinking that means accepting that you can always get better at the things that you’re doing. Once you’ve accepted this first point, the next thing continuous improvement requires is an approach to actually perform continuous improvements on the things you do. This is … Read more

Aligned Cookies

Aligning key system attributes to system outcomes is one of the most important parts of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your business systems. Once you’ve identified the desired ultimate outcomes of your business and have broken your business down into systems, you can start aligning the pieces within a system to the desired outcomes … Read more

Align systems in your business

One of the biggest sources of waste in a business is the misalignment of process steps, system outcomes, and desired outcomes. When things are misaligned, everything takes longer than it should. This costs you more money to get things done, makes things slower, and reduces the ability to scale your business. Alignment of process steps … Read more

Use Efficiency to Increase the Profits of Your Business

I talked earlier in the week about when to use systems thinking in business. One of the outcomes you can achieve by paying systems thinking is to increase profits. I want to dive deeper into that today. Profits is a word that is used in different ways, so let’s start by defining profit. Profit is … Read more

Brian wondering when

After folks start to learn the ins and outs of systems thinking, one of the next questions asked is “When can I use systems thinking in my business?” Before I get into the answer, let’s do a quick recap of what systems thinking is and what a system is. Systems Thinking is using a “systems” … Read more

Traffic, Conversion, Delivery, Accounting

This week we’re looking at the Framework for Systems Thinking in Business. I want to highlight the four most important systems for any business to have. As you might have heard me say before, these systems are in every business, no matter what industry or what size. If you don’t have these systems, then you … Read more

When I first started working in the corporate space as a sales engineer, I realized quickly that I would need a common way to look at very different businesses. As a sales engineer, it was my job to go in and close deals while laying the technical foundation for the project management work that followed. … Read more


As your business continues to grow in complexity and your systems grow with it, you want to consider how your systems connect to other systems. In the case of accounting systems, one of the most important connections you’ll want to ensure happens is connecting accounting data with the data in your CRM (Customer Relationship Management). … Read more