Lists on a Trello board

Earlier this week, I mentioned using Trello as the core of a system to manage processes. Today I’m going to cover how to set up Trello in a way that helps you manage processes. If you want a refresher or need to catch up on this week’s topic, go here. Before You Open Trello You’ll … Read more

Swimlane Diagram

This week I’m going to cover another subset of Knowledge Management: Process Management Systems. Process management is about setting up the right system or systems to manage the information about your processes. This includes documentation of how processes work (or should work), the development of new processes, tracking of process instances “in flight”, and business … Read more

Impact Effort Matrix

I’ve got another matrix for you today that you can use to help prioritize what you should be working on – the Impact Effort Matrix. Just like the Eisenhower Matrix, the Impact Effort Matrix can be used to prioritize work on any level. Use it to prioritize your day, week, or month. Use it to … Read more

Eisenhower Matrix

The Eisenhower Matrix is a tool that you can use to quickly prioritize what’s most important when you are trying to decide between multiple tasks. You can apply this to one off tasks or you can apply this to systems in your business with a little different thinking. The Eisenhower Matrix is based on a … Read more

A Task List on Paper

Having a system to manage tasks and prioritize those tasks is an important system as your business continues to scale. This is one of those systems that’s easy to get along without as you’re just starting out, but as the task list grows and your time gets shorter, at a certain point, a system to … Read more

Folders on a desk

Every business will have loads of knowledge to manage in different formats. There‚Äôs no one right way to do it all, so thinking through the types of knowledge your business, the intended purpose of this knowledge, and the format the knowledge is in will help you define the right systems for knowledge management in your … Read more


Managing knowledge in your small business is one of the most important things you need to be doing as an entrepreneur. From keeping track of things you learn along the way to documenting how your business operates, knowledge management is critical to the long-term success and scalability of your operation. Having an intentional knowledge management … Read more


To have good systems for business intelligence (BI), you must have a good strategy for your data. Data is the lifeblood of business intelligence: Without data, there is no BI. Before setting down the road of building out your business intelligence systems, or adding BI to your other systems, spend some time working on your … Read more


Business Intelligence (BI) is a relatively large discipline that covers the management and usage of data to tell stories about what’s happening in your business. Larger corporations spend significant resources on BI teams to do all kinds of data management and reporting. Many smaller organizations don’t think about it at all. For the small business … Read more

Cyber Threat Prevention

There have been some high-profile cyber attacks in the news lately. The pipeline problem from a few weeks ago kicked off gas shortages across the Eastern US and ended with a $4.4 million payout to the hackers. A couple more hit the news this week with the biggest being one of the largest meat suppliers … Read more