Before I started focusing on optimizing for outcomes, I had started a YouTube channel producing how-to videos related to automation and efficiency improvements in business. As I shifted my focus, the time needed to produce the videos was consumed by other activities. Having gotten many things in order in the last couple of months I … Read more

Not too long ago I started to get back into exercising after a long hiatus. When I initially started out I had the goal in my head to get back to “high school glory”. That meant 210 pounds with a 34-inch waist. I was very focused on this weight and inch goal so much so … Read more

Keeping productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness high requires proactive effort in all three areas.  It also requires constant change as you learn and fine tune your systems.  This change, if not managed through good leadership principles, will not last long term, as people tend to revert to old habits over time.  Eventually, anything you changed will … Read more